NWEA MAP Growth - General Information

  Staff should bookmark these sites:  


MAP Help Center resources:  


Proctor Preparation:  

  •          Have Teachers/Proctors view Get Started: Why Use MAP Growth, Get Yourself Ready to be a Proctor, Get Students Ready for MAP Growth in Professional Learning Online 
  •          Confirm your Proctors are familiar with the MAP Help Center, Testing Growth Content: 
  •          Proctor Quick Start and Testing Tips docs  
  •          Set up testing sessions via Manage Test Sessions including: 
  •          Assigning tests and accommodations 
  •          Refer to state and district guidelines prior to assigning accommodations  
  •          Quick Tips for Managing a Test Session 


Student Preparation:  

  •          Allow students the opportunity to take the practice testsprior to testing. They can be accessed on student computers via the MAP Growth join a test session screen or via this link: https://practice.mapnwea.org (Username and password: grow).  


Technology Preparation:  


Remote Testing Resources (if needed): 

  •          MAP Growth Remote Testing Resources -includes links to videos (middle of the page), family guidance, proctor specific resources including a slide deck to help them prepare and get their students ready, and troubleshoot common issues  
  •          Remote Testing Administration Guide 
  •          Device Readiness Check interactive video - will help ensure a smooth testing experience for your students and proctors 
  •          https://check.nwea.org - will help ensure a smooth testing experience for your students and proctors 
  •          MAP Growth Testing URL: https://test.mapnwea.org/. This site restricts the student’s browser to a single tab. Browser settings might need adjustment. 
  •          No Pop-up MAP Growth Testing URL: https://test.mapnwea.org/#/nopopup. This site has no browser restrictions. Default browser settings typically work.