Common Audio Issues

There are many different things that can go wrong with your devices audio.

First, make sure the proper audio device is selected. In the lower right, click on the speaker icon. You will see a volume bar with a device name above it and an up arrow. If you're running your laptop speakers, it should read Speakers(Realtek(R) Audio). If you are using something plugged into the headphone jack, it will be Headphones(Realtek(R) Audio). If you are plugged in with HDMI, it should read the name of HDMI device.

If the proper device is selected and it is not muted, the device may be disabled. To check for this right click on the speaker icon in the lower right and click on Sounds. From there, click on the playback tab. If a device is disabled, a down arrow would appear next to the icon and it would say Disabled under Realtek(R) Audio. To enable it, right click on the device and click enable. If it is working properly and you have sound playing, you should see the green bars reacting on the right side.
In this menu, double click on the device you are trying to use. This opens the devices properties. Navigate to the levels tab. There is a slider and mute button here that may need adjusted.

Next, we can right click on the speaker icon and click on Open volume mixer. There are mute and volume sliders here as well that may need adjusted.

If none of these solutions work, you can navigate to the link below or submit a tech ticket asking for help.  

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