Junk Mail and Quarantine

Our Email includes two filters to protect you from potentially dangerous emails: quarantine and junk mail. 

The quarantine filter isolates emails suspected of containing a virus and holds them in a quarantine folder on the mail server

The junk mail filter isolates suspected junk mail and holds them in a folder in your Inbox. You can release safe emails from both the quarantine folder and junk mail folder into your normal Inbox. 

You can also tell the system to always send emails from senders straight to your Inbox if you are sure they are safe and you want to see them. 

So how do we release safe emails, or mark a sender as trusted? 

 If an email is thought to be dangerous and put into quarantine, you will receive an email notice of this with a link to access your quarantine. 

 When prompted to log in, you should use your full district email address along with your network password (same as what is used to access your normal email) 

 If you suspect that an email has been quarantined, but have not received a notice, you can check your quarantine using the new “Email Quarantine” link under “Staff Links” on our website.  Once you find the email you would like to move to your inbox, you can select it and click “Release Message” which will move it either into your normal inbox or Junk Email folder (check both). 

 Your “Junk Email” folder can be found under your normal inbox in either Outlook or Webmail. 

 To move an email from “Junk Email” to your normal inbox, you can right click the email and use the “Junk” menu to mark it as “Not Junk” 

 The same menu will also give you the option to “Never Block this Sender” or always “Block Sender”