Email Parents and Students from eSchoolData SIS (CSIU)

Email Parents and Students:

  1. From Teacher Connect Roster Screen, click the Report button on the tool bar
  2. Select the Student Contact Report
  3. Click the email envelope to email Parents, Students or Both Parents and Students.

Individual Email

  1. To email an individual student, click the student email address
  2. To email an individual Parent/Guardian, click the Parent/Guardian email address

Group Email

  1. To email all parent/guardians and/or students, click the envelope icon and select the group
  2. To email a group of select parent/guardians and students, remove the selection checkmark from the students to EXCLUDE from the email, and then click the envelope icon
  3. The Default Email Client will open with all recipients populated in the “blind copy” field.  The teacher’s name will be in the “To” field.  This will maintain the privacy of all recipients.

Troubleshooting Step: If your email client was not already open before sending a message from CSIU, your email may wait in your outbox until you open the app again. To confirm that your message has been sent, make sure you see it in your Sent folder.