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Chromebook - How to take a screenshot

Take a screenshot:    Press Shift + Ctrl + Show windows.    In the menu at the bottom, select Screenshot.    Select an option:       Take a full screen screenshot.       Take a partial screenshot.       Take a window screenshot.Tip: You can also take a screenshot with the menu at the bottom right...

NWEA Map Growth - Access the Secure Testing App on a Chromebook

To Access the Secure testing app, you must be logged out of the chromebook. From the chromebook login screen:    Click "Apps" at the bottom-left    Select "NWEA Secure Testing"Now you will see the login screen where students can enter the test session information to begin taking the test.They can...

Snipping Tool on Chromebook

To use the Snipping Tool on a Chromebook, press Ctrl + Shift + Rectangle button(above 6 and 7). Below is a picture with the buttons labeled.  Snipping Tool on Chromebook.pdf 46.45 KB

Offline Chromebook Use

Below is a guide to using Chromebooks offline, including Google Slides, Docs, and Sheets. It includes creating PDF's, using Microsoft files offline, and making videos available offline. Offline Chromebook Use.docx 1.13 MB

Archiving Classes in Relay

Each year Relay classes will need archived so you're scheduled class period does not affect the next years teachers who have those students. This link is a step by step process on how to archive these classes.

Monitoring Student Activity

This video shows you how to navigate your way through lightspeed classroom and monitor your students activity during class or flex periods!

Lightspeed Classroom Management

Lightspeed Classroom Management allows teachers to view the screens of student chrome books, share content directly to student chrome books, and manage student web access during class. Teachers can access Lightspeed Classroom via this link on the district website, located under the Staff Links ta...

Lightspeed AccessScan Extension

The Lightspeed AccessScan Chrome extension is pushed out to all teachers. The extension can be used to determine if your students can access the materials you are sharing with them, or if a request needs to be sent to the tech department to allow a resource through the content filter. THIS VIDEO ...