Educational Apps

NWEA Map Growth - Access the Secure Testing App on a Chromebook

To Access the Secure testing app, you must be logged out of the chromebook. From the chromebook login screen:    Click "Apps" at the bottom-left    Select "NWEA Secure Testing"Now you will see the login screen where students can enter the test session information to begin taking the test.They can...

NWEA MAP Growth - General Information

Staff should bookmark these sites:   (testing administration and reporting site)  (for staff training)   MAP Help Center resources:            MAP Help Center, key-word searchable and in-line help           About MAP: Qui...

Archiving Classes in Relay

Each year Relay classes will need archived so you're scheduled class period does not affect the next years teachers who have those students. This link is a step by step process on how to archive these classes.

Monitoring Student Activity

This video shows you how to navigate your way through lightspeed classroom and monitor your students activity during class or flex periods!

Standard Google Classroom Structure

The attached slide deck was used for PD at Lyter and can be used as a reference when designing classrooms. Google Classroom PD.pptx 2.26 MB

Google Shared Drives and the Google Drive App

Google Shared Drives and the Google Drive App.docx

Clever Messaging

To provide a consistent experience for parents, the district has decided to use Clever messaging for teacher-parent communication. Information regarding setup and usage of Clever Messaging can be found in This Document.

Lumio Training 101 - Live on August 10th, 2023

Lumio is a digital learning tool for transforming lessons into active, collaborative learning experiences that engage students on their own devices. The video below is a recording of the in-person Lumio training that was held at McCall Middle School on 8/10/2023.

Email Parents and Students from eSchoolData SIS (CSIU)

Email Parents and Students:   From Teacher Connect Roster Screen, click the Report button on the tool bar   Select the Student Contact Report   Click the email envelope to email Parents, Students or Both Parents and Students.   Individual Email   To email an individual student, click the s...