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Steps and helpful articles for new employees

Office 365 Security Info

Office 365 accounts provided to staff require additional security information to be registered by the user. This security info can be used to unlock your account, reset your password, and take advantage of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). In all of these cases, your security info is used to pro...

Phone Quick Reference Guide

A quick reference guide for how to operate the district phones. Phone Quick Guide.docx 177.21 KB

Multifactor Authentication Guide

Click the link below to view the PDF.MASD MFA Guide.pdf

SMART Board 101 - Live on August 3rd, 2022

This is an introduction to the new SMART Boards installed in K-8 classrooms during the summer of 2022. The session focuses on the basics of the board itself and the IQ operating system.AgendaPresentation File

SMART Board 102 - Live on August 23rd, 2022

This is an expansion on the 101 presentation, touching again on the various ways to use the boards and offering an introduction to Lumio.AgendaPresentation FileAdditional Webinars

Linking Gmail and Outlook

Please see the attached document for step by step instructions to link your email accounts. This means that you will only have to check your Outlook account because all emails sent to your Gmail will be forwarded to your Outlook.Linking Gmail and Outlook.pdf

Lightspeed Classroom Management

Lightspeed Classroom Management allows teachers to view the screens of student chrome books, share content directly to student chrome books, and manage student web access during class. Teachers can access Lightspeed Classroom via this link on the district website, located under the Staff Links ta...

Changing MFA Methods

Go to add a method, click Add Method and choose the option and follow the steps it provides.To change your default method, click Change(in blue).To delete a method, click Delete(in blue) next to the method you wish to delete.If you previously had t...

myWhiteboard Tutorial Videos

myWhiteboard is a ViewSonic application already installed on HS computers. This app pairs well with the touch projectors installed in HS classrooms. myWhiteboard adds SMART board-like functionality to the projectors.The link below offers multiple training videos relating to myWhiteboard https://m...

Standard Google Classroom Structure

The attached slide deck was used for PD at Lyter and can be used as a reference when designing classrooms. Google Classroom PD.pptx 2.26 MB

Google Shared Drives and the Google Drive App

Google Shared Drives and the Google Drive App.docx

Teacher Induction (Technology) Slide Deck

Click HERE to view the Google slide deck, geared towards new staff who are learning about district technology resources.

Clever Messaging

To provide a consistent experience for parents, the district has decided to use Clever messaging for teacher-parent communication. Information regarding setup and usage of Clever Messaging can be found in This Document.

Lumio Training 101 - Live on August 10th, 2023

Lumio is a digital learning tool for transforming lessons into active, collaborative learning experiences that engage students on their own devices. The video below is a recording of the in-person Lumio training that was held at McCall Middle School on 8/10/2023.

Lightspeed AccessScan Extension

The Lightspeed AccessScan Chrome extension is pushed out to all teachers. The extension can be used to determine if your students can access the materials you are sharing with them, or if a request needs to be sent to the tech department to allow a resource through the content filter. THIS VIDEO ...

Navigate 360 EMS APP

Setup the Smartphone app and sign in with Clever: Click HERE for step-by-step instructions. Only teachers with classes assigned to them in CSIU have access to Clever. If you do not fall under that category, the tech department will need to create a Nav360 account for you using your district ...